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SE Heating & Cooling offers several options for a smart air conditioning system, including the Air Touch 5 controlling system and the MyAir smart air conditioning system. Learn more about these available options below.

Air Touch 5 Controlling System

SE Heating & Cooling can help you upgrade your air conditioning with AirTouch 5 – a state-of-the-art smart air conditioning system that can be operated using a touch screen, smartphone or tablet. The AirTouch 5 system uses artificial intelligence to regulate the climate and airflow for each room in your household, as well as adapting your air conditioner with local weather conditions to keep everyone perfectly comfortable.

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How the Air Touch 5 Controlling System Works

The Air Touch 5 controlling system works in conjunction with ducted reverse cycle air conditioners by circulating air to areas in the home that need it most via smart zoning. This smart air conditioning system only provides air to the rooms that are being used, helping to save both money as well as energy.

MyAir Smart Air Conditioning System

SE Heating & Cooling can install a MyAir smart air conditioning system to enhance your home’s air conditioning capabilities. With this system installed, you won’t have to needlessly cool down or heat up your entire house. You can choose which parts of the house will receive airflow, helping to reduce energy use.

How MyAir Smart Air Conditioning Works

The MyAir smart air conditioning system allows homeowners to choose up to 10 zones in their house, meaning that every room in the house can act as its own zone and be controlled individually. This ensures better levels of comfort all year-round while also improving efficiency. Homeowners can control the system via the MyAir air conditioning controller app on their smartphone or tablet, or by using Google Home or Amazon Alexa to give voice commands.

Reasons to Use a Smart Air Conditioning System

Improved Comfort & Efficiency

Homeowners can run their air conditioning with AirTouch 5 or MyAir in only the rooms that are being used. This helps to keep the rooms being used feeling comfortable while also saving a great deal of energy, as the unused rooms won’t be unnecessarily heated or cooled.


Busy people can greatly benefit from the convenience offered by a smart air conditioning system. Use your smartphone or tablet to control the temperature of your home, no matter where you are. By using the AirTouch 5 or MyAir air controlling app, you can easily turn your air conditioner on and off or modify the temperature whenever you want.

Interaction Options

Homeowners can interact with their air conditioner in any way that suits their lifestyle. You can choose to have an air conditioning controller wall console installed in your home, or simply install an AirTouch 5 or MyAir air controlling app onto your smart device. SE Heating & Cooling can recommend various interaction options to suit your needs and preferences.

Insights That Help to Improve Energy Savings

The AirTouch 5 and MyAir air controlling apps can show homeowners how often they’ve used their air conditioner. The insights that can be gained from this can help homeowners to save energy and money when using their air conditioning system.

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