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Duct Installation & Duct Replacement in Melbourne

Do you need to replace ducted air conditioning units or heaters in your home that no longer work? Replacing ducted air conditioning and heating systems is one of SE Heating & Cooling’s specialities! Our team of qualified technicians offer a range of heating and air conditioning duct installation services and can assist with a heating or AC duct installation that will ensure your new unit is a perfect fit. In order to help as many as our customers to replace a ducted air conditioning unit or heater, we also aim to keep the ducted cooling and ducted heating duct replacement cost low for Melbourne homeowners. You can rest assured the cost to replace ducts in house won’t break your budget.

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we have been providing quality heating and cooling solutions in Pakenham and surrounding suburbs. All of our air conditioning technicians are fully qualified.

What Does Cooling or Heating Duct Installation Involve?

A cooling or heating duct installation involves installing ducts either in the roof or under the floor depending on how much space is available for the ductwork. Ducted systems produce hot or cold air that’s distributed throughout the house through these ducts. SE Heating & Cooling can help homeowners with ducted cooling and ducted heating replacement and installation, as well as any repair or maintenance work these systems need.

The Benefits of Organising Ducted Air Conditioner or Duct Heater Installation

Better Temperature Control

Depending on what type of heater or air conditioning duct installation you choose, homeowners can enjoy better control over the temperature of each individual room. This is ideal for stopping air from being distributed into rooms that aren’t being used, helping to reduce energy usage.


Every air duct installation or replacement that SE Heating & Cooling carries out is done to the highest standard. The ducts we install require minimal upkeep and will last for the long term if looked after.


Replacing ducted air conditioning or heating ducts that are old is a smart choice for homeowners who want to feel comfortable and avoid energy bill spikes. With better efficiency, you can lower energy bills and have a smaller carbon footprint.

Zone Control Options

SE Heating & Cooling recommends that homeowners replace ducted air conditioning unit or heating systems that are old with a new system that comes with zone control capabilities. Zone control systems allow homeowners to select which rooms and areas in their home are heated or cooled, ensuring only the temperature of targeted rooms is altered.

Aesthetically Appealing

Many homeowners opt for ducted cooling or ducted heating vent replacement to make their interiors look more aesthetically appealing. The right duct vents can feel much less obtrusive when compared to older bulky ducts or split systems that take up space on your wall. If you want new duct vents that don’t detract from the décor of your home, speak with our team to learn about our available options.

Reduced Noise

A ducted cooling or ducted heating replacement is highly recommended for any homeowners with an older duct system that makes a lot of noise, such as rattling. Excess noise can also be caused by a system working harder than it needs to in order to do its job. A new air duct installation can reduce noise levels and is highly recommended for environments where peace and quiet is needed, such as bedrooms, home offices and workplaces.

Add-On Cooling Option

For homeowners that already have a heating air duct installation that they’re happy with, an upgrade to cooling may be available. If you want your ducted heating system to also provide cooling, SE Heating & Cooling offers add-on duct cooler installation for your home. This type of dual system uses the same vents that emit heat throughout the household, meaning no additional vents need to be installed. Not only does this save money, but it’s also a more convenient option. Add-on cooling can help keep you and your family cool on hot summer days, while your existing heating system will keep you warm during the cold winter months.

Install Split System


Are you looking for a cost-effective way to cool or heat your home? If you live in Melbourne and have been wondering “where can I find a specialist air conditioning system installer”, you can rely on the team at SE Heating & Cooling. We take pride in providing the best and most reliable air conditioner installation for Melbourne homes and businesses.

We also have a reputation for giving our clients access to the best brands, so if you want the latest Fujitsu split system air conditioner, you can rely on us to install it for you.

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